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July 26, 2017
Cleaning out your gutters can be time-consuming, and sometimes even dangerous. As much as you’d like to ignore this household chore, Cleveland gutter companies note that letting your gutters clog up with leaves and other debris will ultimately result in severe water damage throughout your home. Thankfully, with no-clog gutters, you can eliminate the need for frequent gutter cleaning without...
July 20, 2017
It seems like more and more families are installing energy efficient windows in Cleveland, and for good reason! As the local window installers at Miller Custom Exteriors explain, there are several ways that new windows can help you lower your energy costs.   1.Improved Insulation - New window varieties offer dramatically improved insulation over old single-pane windows. This is accomplished with...
July 11, 2017
There are plenty of tasks you can do yourself to improve your home. Installing new windows isn't one of them. As the local window installers at Miller Custom Exteriors explain, there are several reasons why you should always leave window installation to the professionals.   1.Avoid Installation Mishaps - Professional teams have no trouble getting your new windows to fit snugly and securely into...
July 7, 2017
Do you need to upgrade your windows? Our local window installers at Miller Custom Exteriors are ready to help! With over 25 years of experience in custom window installation work, our team can help with all of your window needs. We know that every home (and homeowner) is different, and as such, we’re not going to limit your options to one or two styles or brands. We offer a wide range of options...
July 3, 2017
Having the right gutters can make all the difference for your home by reducing the risk of water-related damage. So what is it that makes Miller Custom Exteriors stand out from other Cleveland gutter companies? First is the use of a seamless design. By utilizing seamless technology, our gutters are custom fitted to the sides of your home. Because they don’t have seams like standard sectional...