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May 22, 2017
While many people who need replacement windows only need new glass sashes inserted into their pre-existing window frame, this isn’t always the case. But when you have problems with your window trim or sills, who can you turn to? Thankfully, the Tuscarawas window replacement team at Miller Custom Exteriors can provide the expert assistance you need. Miller Custom Exteriors specializes in what is...
May 16, 2017
Buying new windows for your home can be a confusing process, and you don’t want to go wrong on this big investment! So what factors should you consider when buying new windows? Here are a few important things to keep in mind: Style: There are several different window styles available, and while casement style windows and single-hung windows are quite popular, they aren’t the only option. By...
May 10, 2017
When it comes to providing a unique look for your home, few things do more to boost your curb appeal than steel board and batten siding. Mostly decorative in nature, today’s siding options can say a lot about your personal taste as a homeowner while also providing a little extra insulation for your home. As nice as an Ohio siding installation may be, however, you also don’t want it to turn into a...
May 4, 2017
Replacing your windows can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task. What type of window should you install? Is paying for window replacement even worth it? When you don’t know the answers to these questions, it can be hard to decide how to move forward. Thankfully, your local window installers at Miller Custom Exteriors are able to answer many common questions related to this home improvement...
April 29, 2017
With warming temperatures and sunshine making themselves felt again, you’ve probably given plenty of thought to home improvement projects and other things you can do for your property. Is replacing your windows on your list? For homeowners in Ohio, replacement windows are a perfect spring addition. So what makes spring such a great time to replace your windows? The weather itself plays a huge...