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3 Things to Do Before Installation of a New Entry Door

When it comes to installing a new entry door, there’s a bit more to the installation process than simply calling up a door replacement expert. Below are a few things you need to do to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly.

Choose the Right Door

There’s more to choosing the right door than selecting a style and color that match your house (though these are also important). Prior to making a purchasing decision, you should consider a door’s security, style and craftsmanship, as well as potential maintenance needs it may have later on. Doing so will help you be satisfied with your purchase and avoid buyer’s remorse.

Prep the Area

Before one of our door replacement technicians arrives at your home, you can make sure the area has been adequately prepped. This doesn’t require a lot of work other than making sure the entry area is clear. Remove any porch decorations, plants or other objects that could get in the way of the work. This way, our technician is not disrupting your belongings when showing up to install your new door.

Trust a Professional

Finally, simply keep in mind that you can trust the work of our professional door replacement experts. They will take care of everything involved in the installation process—even disposing of your old door! Our technicians will ensure that your new door is properly sealed to avoid any air leakage, as well as check to make sure that the locks work as they should. They will also take care of any cleanup that is necessary.

By sticking to these three simple steps, Miller Custom Exteriors will be able to take care of your door replacement quickly and effectively. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with the result.