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5 Ways New Windows Can Keep Your Energy Costs Lower

It seems like more and more families are installing energy efficient windows in Cleveland, and for good reason! As the local window installers at Miller Custom Exteriors explain, there are several ways that new windows can help you lower your energy costs.


1.Improved Insulation - New window varieties offer dramatically improved insulation over old single-pane windows. This is accomplished with multiple panes of glass, insulating gas fills between the panes, spacers at at the edges of the glass, and more, which helps the windows block the outside heat.

2.Blocking UV Rays - New energy efficient windows also emphasize UV protection. In addition to reducing energy costs, UV-blocking coatings have the added benefit of reducing fading of carpets and furniture that are exposed to sunlight.

3.Reduced A/C Use - By helping you maintain a consistent indoor temperature, energy efficient windows will allow you to use your air conditioner less frequently. This won’t just lower your electricity costs—it will also extend the life of your system.

4.New Weather-stripping - Old, inefficient caulking and weather-stripping is a common source of air leaks, which can dramatically reduce your home’s energy efficiency. By replacing the weather-stripping during your window installation, you can eliminate this problem and enjoy even greater savings.

5.Low-E Coatings - Low-e coatings are another key feature of modern windows. These thin metallic coatings reflect heat, rather than absorb it, further reducing your home cooling expenses.