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5 Ways to Save on Your Heating Bill

With winter on its way, anything you can do to save on your heating bill is sure to provide welcome relief during the colder months. From new windows to smart thermostats, here are a few ways you can save this winter.

1. New Windows

Outdated windows are consistently cited as one of the top causes of home energy loss. Our Cleveland window replacement team can help you save on your heating bill with an energy-efficient window installation. New double-pane thermal windows will reduce your home heat loss by up to 20 percent, helping you stay comfortable all year.

2. Roofing Installation

Poorly-insulated roofs are another common source of winter heat loss. The solution? Consider upgrading the insulation in your attic to create a stronger barrier to trap heat. In Ohio, metal roofing installations have also been found to significantly improve household energy efficiency.

3. Smart Thermostats

We’ve all heard how turning down your thermostat while you’re away at work can lead to big energy savings. Smart thermostats make this easier than ever by allowing you to program your home temperature from your smartphone! Automating your settings ensures you won’t forget to adjust your thermometer.

4. Hot Water Heater Cool-down

Hot water heaters contribute to up to 25 percent of your energy bill. Most households don’t need their water heater to be set as hot as the factory settings. Turning the temperature down 10 degrees can help you save an extra five percent on water heater-related costs.

5. Fireplace Doors

A fireplace can offer a cozy glow on those cold winter nights, but like your windows, it can also be a major source of heat loss when not in use. Installing fitted glass fireplace doors will help prevent drafts and heat loss.