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Are Your Gutters Ready For Winter?

With winter on the way, many families in New Philadelphia, Ohio and the surrounding area are actively taking steps to prepare their home for winter. But are you taking care to ensure your gutters are ready for the snowy months ahead? Without proper preparation, your gutters could experience a wide range of problems that result in severe water damage to your home.

Thankfully, preparing your gutters for winter is a relatively straightforward process. One of the first things homeowners in New Philadelphia, Ohio should do is remove any debris that has accumulated in their gutter system. Leaves, twigs, and dirt all need to be cleared away to prevent clogs—the number one cause of gutter-related mishaps.

Homeowners should also inspect their downspouts to remove leaves and other debris from this area. Checking the system for cracks and leaks will also ensure that melting snow and ice doesn’t accumulate around your home’s foundation.

Though a thorough cleaning of your gutters requires a fair amount of work, it’s well worth the investment in order to avoid ice dams, basement leaks, and other common issues associated with clogged gutters.

Of course, if annual cleanings aren’t your thing, you could install a Gutter Bonnet instead. This convenient system goes on top of your gutters to keep out leaves and other debris. With such a system in place, you’ll never have to clean your gutters again! Either way, acting now to prepare your gutter system for winter will help you avoid some major headaches later on.