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Ask Your Siding Contractor in Ohio - What's the Difference Between Vinyl and Steel Siding?

One of the questions that is often asked of a siding contractor in Ohio is what is the difference between steel and vinyl siding for my home? Obviously, the material difference is understood, vinyl and steel differ greatly in their construction – but what is the real difference between the materials and how will that affect your home?

The first thing that most homeowners think about when comparing steel and vinyl siding is the cost. Vinyl is a less expensive option in the short term, and if budget is your major concern, then choosing vinyl may be the right option for you. If upfront costs are not your main concern and you have the means to look at the long term return on a product, however, steel siding is going to be a better investment for your home. Steel siding will outlast vinyl siding, will provide superior insulation and will endure weather conditions that vinyl will not.

As a siding contractor in Ohio, we must be aware of the way the dramatic weather differences effect siding. The constant contraction and expansion of vinyl siding can actually damage the vinyl itself, as plastic does not have the ability to withstand the continuous contraction and expansion like steel does. Vinyl siding companies are starting to make longer pieces of vinyl, however, that will help to keep the wind and rain (and other things!) out with less seams, however, there will still be seems that can let weather in.

Hail is another weather phenomenon that car wreak havoc on vinyl siding. Vinyl will be punctured by hail, rocks, weed-eaters and other objects that steel siding will not. Most steel siding has a hail warranty since it is so unlikely to be damaged that declares that the company that installed your siding (such as Miller Custom Exteriors) will pay your homeowners insurance deductible in the event of damage. You will, of course, need to check with your siding contractor on their particular warranties.

Color and fade are another difference between vinyl siding and steel siding. Siding contractors in Ohio know that the sun can be brutal here in the summer, and fading colors can be a bog concern when selecting the right look for your home. The vibrant colors offered in vinyl siding can dull and fade in only a few years, but steel siding carries a fade warranty as well, made possible by the PVC color coating on the siding itself. Steel siding is therefore available in many deep, rich colors that vinyl siding is not because of the color protection warranty.

For a short term investment on your home or if your budget is your main concern, vinyl siding may be appropriate for your home. If you are looking to make a once in a lifetime investment on the exterior of your home that will last, steel siding may be the correct choice for you. See your siding contractor I n Ohio for further details, and don’t forget to read our articles on 12 questions that you must ask a siding contractor before choosing one for your job!