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The Benefits of a Metal Roof in Ohio

As Ohio residents, we fully understand that the weather can often be unexpected and cause a great deal of damage. Between heavy winds, tornados, thunderstorms and blizzards, and hail (even in the summer months) the weather is a constant source of anxiety. 

Installing a metal roof is one major way you can reduce the stress and anxiety of living in Ohio weather.

Metal roofs have several benefits for you and your family compared to shingle roofs. Here are some ways they can benefit your home, your pocketbook, and your family. 

Traditional shingle roofs tend to crack, curl, and deteriorate over time. And sometimes they don’t hold up in extreme weather events. Even the sun’s rays break down asphalt shingles over time. With metal roofs, durability is never an issue. We install double galvanized steel roofs which stand up to the harshest Ohio storm, won’t deteriorate, rust, or fade. The strong attributes of a metal roof also lead to reduced maintenance over the roof’s lifetime. Due to the durability of metal roofs, they also prove to last two or three times longer than traditional roofs.

A metal roof lasts 50 years and comes with a true, lifetime warranty that is transferable to future owners of your home.

This is a major benefit when stacked against the average lifespan of 10-20 years for a traditional roof.

Metal roofs come in a full slate of bright, vibrant colors in order to give your home an increased sense of beauty. Traditional roofs, such as asphalt shingles, usually come in a dark undertone, even though they can come in different colors. This can lead to a roof that doesn’t match the rest of your home. Metal roofs come in a full slate of bright, vibrant colors to give your home an increased sense of beauty. 

Metal roofs are an environmentally friendly option over traditional asphalt shingles. Metal roofs are made to be 100% recyclable and are manufactured from recycled materials. They also help reduce the energy costs in your home. Several colors used for metal roofs are Energy-Star rated, since they are designed to channel (change to reflect—the paint contains reflective pigments that are energy star certified) the heat from the sun away from your house and thereby reduce your energy usage during the dog days of summer. 

Metal roofs are American-made products. By installing metal roofs, you are helping to support American workers and grow our national and local economies. 

The benefits of installing a metal roof to protect your home from extreme weather, last longer, and add beauty to your home ultimately will save you money. So the next time you are considering a new roof, give us a call at Miller Custom Exteriors. We are a full service metal roofing contractor servicing Northeast Ohio and we are ready to transform your home!