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Did You Know Your Gutter Can Affect the Foundation of Your House?

On it’s surface, it may be difficult for homeowners to make a connection between their gutters and foundation. Many may not think that gutter maintenance is much more than an annoying, annual ritual.

Between getting out the ladder, cleaning out the gutters, and ensuring your gutters are properly attached onto your home.

But if not properly taken care of your gutters can affect the foundation of your house. And if your foundation is compromised, now your have bigger problems than clogged gutters.

Let’s start at the beginning. Your gutters main purpose is to channel water after rain events or snow melt safely away from your home. More specifically, gutters aid in moving water away from the foundation of your home. And water is the number one enemy of a house’s foundation.

So if you are battling water, and your gutter system helps lead water away from your house and the foundation, why do we not take gutter maintenance more seriously?

Gutter installation in the Cleveland area, and the rest of Northeast Ohio is especially important as the region is known to have rather wet, rainy spring seasons and loads of snow during winter. The area’s unpredictability when it comes to weather can even mean there’s rain and snow when we least expect it.

Ensuring your gutters are properly installed, and are cleaned regularly to prevent clogging, are easy first steps to take to prevent water from compromising your foundation.

Water that pools near your foundation can lead to two major problems. First, pooling water near your home means that the soil is saturated with water, thereby putting pressure on your foundation and leading to your walls pushing inwards or even cracking.

Cracks in your foundation are then the beginning of further problems, as water will continue to enter your home over time causing mold in your basement or even flooding.

And second, water may lead to eroding away the soil, which then causes your foundation to crack. This can result in uneven floors or even cracks in your walls and chimneys.

If you feel your gutters are compromised and in need of cleaning or full repair, let the professionals at Miller Custom Exteriors help you. We offer full services when it comes to home exteriors, including gutters.

And as a Cleveland area gutter company, let us at Miller Custom Exteriors help ensure your gutters work the best they can for you and for your foundation.

Our team is ready to discuss all of the options to optimize your gutters, including a full replacement which comes with our Gutter Bonnet protection guaranteeing your gutters will not clog or we clean them for free!

So what do you have to lose? Contact us today.