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Feature: No-Clog Gutters!

Cleaning out your gutters can be time-consuming, and sometimes even dangerous. As much as you’d like to ignore this household chore, Cleveland gutter companies note that letting your gutters clog up with leaves and other debris will ultimately result in severe water damage throughout your home.

Thankfully, with no-clog gutters, you can eliminate the need for frequent gutter cleaning without worrying about roof or foundation leaks. At Miller Custom Exteriors, this is accomplished by installing a Gutter Bonnet over your pre-existing Cleveland gutters.

The Gutter Bonnet makes use of a nose-forward cover that directs leaves, twigs, and other debris off the roof, while still allowing rainwater to enter the gutter system. Even in the middle of fall, the Gutter Bonnet will effectively guide fallen leaves off your roof so that your gutters won’t get clogged.

By keeping debris out of your Cleveland gutters, a Gutter Bonnet can help you save time on pesky leaf removal. By ensuring that your gutters are always able to remove water from your rooftop, you’ll be better equipped to keep your home in top shape, no matter how rainy it gets outside!