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Give Your Home Exterior a Mid-Century Inspired Facelift!

Of the many architectural trends that have come and gone over the years, few hold a stronger place in our collective nostalgia than mid-century modern design. This design trend didn’t just refer to what the outside of the home looked like — it also had an impact on interiors as well. If you’re considering exterior remodeling, a mid-century inspired facelift could be the perfect way to help your home stand out.

Mid-century modern first gained popularity during the 1930s and maintained that momentum to the mid-1960s, when architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright brought their unique vision to the typical suburban home.

So which features define the mid-century modern style? Among the most easily noticeable design elements are a flat or angled roof that replaces the typical “peaked” roofing style. Mid-century modern also has an added emphasis on natural lighting and enjoying panoramic views of the outside. In a mid-century modern house, many rooms have full-length windows that brighten the entire area. Distinct siding designs also helped these homes stand out.

Inside, mid-century modern homes emphasized a more open space. Rooms were less likely to be divided up by bulky walls in an effort to further spread the natural light coming in from the windows. This eliminated many of the divisions between areas like the living room, dining room, and kitchen — a trend that continues to be used in many modern layouts. Wood flooring was an especially popular material in mid-century modern homes as well.

If your home is ready for some more extensive exterior remodeling, opting for a mid-century inspired design could be the way to go. This unique style is just as forward-facing and accessible today as it was when it was first introduced. Mid-century modern lends a touch of elegance to any home, while further enhancing its appeal and usability both inside and out.

Best of all, modern exterior remodeling techniques mean you don’t have to be limited to the materials that were available when this style was first introduced. Custom steel siding can replace the wood siding that was so frequently used in the past, further highlighting your modern tastes while simultaneously reducing home maintenance needs (and your impact on the environment). Energy efficient windows and other material considerations will help you avoid wasting energy.

For beautiful exterior remodeling work that is sure to turn heads, you can’t go wrong with the open and trendy style of mid-century modern.