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How to Have an Affordable Sunroom

At first glance, installing a sunroom in your Northeast Ohio home may seem like an expensive undertaking. But when you work with your local window installers at Miller Custom Exteriors, this project can actually be quite easy and affordable.

You can dramatically reduce the cost of a sunroom installation simply by converting an existing porch or patio into a three-season sunroom. Installing screen porch vinyl windows is a quick and easy process that then protects you and your family from rain, bugs and other hazards.

While screen porch vinyl windows won’t keep out the extreme cold of winter, this affordable addition to your home provides you with an enjoyable living space that you can use during most of the year. This type of sunroom is significantly less expensive to install than a year-round glass room—in fact, you could easily spend less than half on this type of installation as you would on a traditional sunroom. 

While 4-season rooms can take weeks or months to install, your local window installers can complete this affordable sunroom project within days, allowing you to enjoy your new room that much sooner. In addition, screen porch vinyl windows are easy to open and close, and are very resistant to weather damage and other common types of wear and tear that can affect traditional windows.

If the cost of a standard sunroom has kept you from adding this great addition to your home, consider a three-season sunroom. This affordable option through Miller Custom Exteriors will provide your family with countless hours of enjoyment for years to come.