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How to Maintain a Metal Roof

Once metal roof contractors have completed the installation of your new roof, you may be left wondering what you will need to do to keep your roof in good shape. While a metal roof typically doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance as a conventional roof, there are still some things you can do to ensure your roof remains in good condition.


One common maintenance task is to apply a protective coating to your roof. For homeowners from the West Coast to Ohio, metal roof coatings are an effective method for preventing rust, as well as increasing a roof’s waterproofing and energy-saving capabilities. Be careful before applying these coatings, however. A particular coating may not be suitable for the metal used in your roof, which could lead to costly damages.and could void the manufacturer’s warranty


Other problems that may occur include loosened fasteners or holes in the metal. Thankfully, these are issues you likely won’t need to deal with yourself, as many metal roof contractors offer warranties that cover these damages. While these problems are relatively uncommon, as a homeowner, you should always be alert for these damages so you can take care of a problem early on.


While the above maintenance tasks may sound scary, the vast majority of homeowners will never need to do much more than clean their rooftop from time to time. Metal roofs can be cleaned safely and easily using water to ensure a consistently clean appearance, giving you one less home maintenance task to worry about.