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How a Metal Roof Adds Value to Your Home

While most homeowners who install roofing metal plan on living in their home for quite some time, life can throw unexpected surprises our way. Should you ever need to move from your home in Ohio, metal roofing can actually provide one final benefit before you leave: increasing your home’s selling price.


The many benefits you enjoy from having a metal roof on your home ultimately lend themselves to an increase in your home’s overall value. After all, metal roofs offer increased protection from fire, wind and hail are built to last, meaning that incoming homeowners will likely never need to purchase a new roof themselves.


The energy-efficiency of roofing metal also adds value to your home. By serving as an effective insulator, an Energystar rated metal roof can cut a home’s energy usage by up to 40%, yielding significant energy savings. Finally, many prospective buyers simply prefer the unique and stylish designs offered by roofing metal, giving your home another advantage in the real estate market.


Thanks to these factors, it is estimated that a metal roof can increase your home’s value by as much as 6% in comparison to other roofing options. On average, homeowners in the Eastern U.S. regain over 95% of the money the spent on the roofing installation thanks to their increased home value—so even if you move, a metal roof is a worthwhile investment.