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How Often Should You Wash Your Windows?

When it comes to curb appeal, your windows play a significant role in giving your house a fresh, well-maintained appearance. Of course, your windows won’t continue looking great without a little work! As the Cleveland window replacement team at Miller Custom Exteriors notes, the right window washing habits can make a big difference for your house.

In general, it’s recommended that you wash the outside of your windows at least twice a year—generally in the spring and fall, as the milder and drier conditions of these seasons yield better results for your work.

Start by vacuuming out cobwebs and other debris that might have gotten trapped in the window sill area. Once the initial layer of debris has been removed, use warm water with a little bit of dish soap to remove dirt and grime from the glass and window frame. For tough-to-clean stains, a specialized glass cleaner might also be necessary. Remove the soap and water mix with a squeegee, and your windows should look good as new!

The window cleaning process is also a great time to check for cracks or gaps in the glass or siding. Identifying these problems and scheduling repairs or replacement work before extreme temperatures settle in will help your home become more comfortable and energy efficient.