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Keep Your Home Comfortable in All Seasons

Installing a metal roof can help keep your home comfortable 365 days a year, in all seasons. Regardless of what Mother Nature has in store, metal roofing helps your home pleasant year-round. 

Across Ohio, we all know the summer months can be unbearable.

Between sweltering temperatures and rising humidity, summer is a time to stay indoors away from the elements. But running your air conditioner non-stop is a sure-fire way to increase your energy bills. 

Some people think metal roofs make your home warm.

But in fact, metal roofs help keep your home cool in the summertime since they reflect a lot of sunshine and heat away from it. Metal roofs which also incorporate pre-painted and granular coatings that reflect this solar energy away from your home. Certain systems even incorporate rigid-foam insulation or utilize an air space between the metal roof and roof deck to increase energy efficiency. 

At Miller Custom Exteriors, we offer several colors of metal roofs which are Energy Star® certified, a certification for roofs that reflect more heat away than they absorb. For winter months, a darker tone for your metal roof can help you warm up your house.

By selecting a darker color tone, your metal roof can warm up any snow on top of it and therefore quickly melt it away. 

If you need a way to increase the comfort of your home throughout the year, a metal roof may be the best option for you. Contact Miller Custom Exteriors, the home exterior experts!