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Metal Roofing is the Best Option for Winter Weather

Getting yourself and your family ready for those Ohio winters each year can be a daunting task. One of the best ways to prepare your home for the upcoming Ohio winter is to install a metal roof.

Metal roofs are designed to be durable.

They last twice as long as traditional shingle roofs because they can withstand harsh weather, as we often see in Ohio winters. 

Metal roofs no longer cause snow slide. New coatings are now available that give metal shingles a texture so snow stays put.  Now you don’t need snow guards installed every 10 feet to break up the snow as it melts!  This same texture gives the roof a matte finish that more closely resembles traditional shingle roofing and is not shiny. 

Metal roofs also weigh less than asphalt shingles do.

This reduces the overall stress on your home’s structure and foundation over time. The reduced weight comes into effect during heavy snowfalls, which adds weight to your roof.

And with the longevity of metal roofs, you can rest assured that the roof you have will last for decades while you enjoy your home.

Metal roofs often come with strong warranties that will transfer with the house if you ever decide to move, and this adds value to your home.  

If you are searching for a metal roof contractor ahead of the winter, contact Miller Custom Exteriors today. We are ready to provide quality metal roofs for our Ohio neighbors!