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Preparing Your Windows for Cooler Weather

With temperatures starting to drop, finding ways to save on fall and winter utility bills becomes a top priority for many families. At Miller Custom Exteriors, we know that preparing your windows for cooler weather can play a key role in keeping your home comfortable and reducing your energy costs.

So what do you need to do to prep your windows for winter? Start by cleaning dirt and debris from your window sills. Removing debris ensures that your windows will create a tighter seal against outdoor air when they are closed.

During this time, you should also inspect the weather stripping and sealant around your doors and windows. Replacing worn weather stripping or resealing certain areas will help eliminate drafts—one of the biggest energy-draining problems homeowners face. Local window installers can typically take care of this maintenance task quite quickly.

Installing quality shades and blinds can also provide extra insulation for your home. Keeping these blinds closed during the night helps to prevent much of the energy loss that occurs during cooler weather.

While each of these tasks can prove to be a very helpful part of your winter preparations, enlisting the help of local window installers to install new, energy-efficient windows could ultimately be the best way to prepare your home for winter. Replacing old single-pane glass windows with more energy-efficient versions will help you reduce your energy expenses throughout the year.