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Questions to Ask When Starting Your Search for a Siding Contractor

When it comes to your home and the exterior remodeling contractors you select to work on fixing it, there are never enough questions to ask. Quite frankly, you can never have enough information when trying to get peace of mind when it comes to a home renovation project. Specifically, when you are in search of a contractor to replace the siding on your home there are several questions you should ask prospective contractors when you are searching for the right company. Here are some standard questions you should ask in order to get a sense for the company you are considering: What kind of experience do you have (including referrals)? Is your crew a contractor crew or a full-time crew? Do you have the proper insurance? And what is your history through the Better Business Bureau?

These are all standard questions to ask any reputable Cleveland area siding company. If they hesitate or try to avoid answering these seemingly simple, reasonable questions it may be a red flag to continue your search. You can also take some time to research color schemes online through various tools that allow you to match different colors together and get a feel for colors that you like the best. We recommend an online color match tool by one of our suppliers, ABC Seamless. This way by putting in a small amount of extra work before contacting or agreeing to go with a specific contractor, you can move the process further along with preparation.

Next, you should consider whether you are going with vinyl siding or a steel, possibly custom metal siding, for your home. Vinyl siding expands and contracts significantly. It can become brittle over time and is prone to damage from rocks, lawn mower damage, birds, or even hail. And yes, in Northeast Ohio we are prone to hail damage even in summer storms besides the typical severe weather we can experience in the area (thunderstorms, heavy winds, and blizzards).

Steel and metal siding, on the other hand, is not prone to expanding or contracting and is extremely durable from birds, tree limbs, lawn mowers, and even in storms. And lastly, you should ask any siding contractor in Northeast Ohio who is responsible if you need to make a warranty claim. The last thing you want to deal with is the run-around from multiple manufacturers or contractors when damage does happen to your home. Getting a firm understanding of this upfront will help you make a sound decision for a siding contractor. Miller Custom Exteriors is a professional Northeast Ohio siding company ready and willing to get started on your next siding project. Contact us today so we can begin transforming your home exterior