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Replacement Windows in Wooster Ohio

  • It's time for efficiency!
    It's time for efficiency!

Well, the holiday paraphernalia is already out, snow-blowers are being advertised, black Friday is fast approaching and the 3m plastic for windows is being sold at an alarming rate this year. But instead of getting out the plastic, the hairdryer, alcohol pads and scissors this year, wouldn’t it be nice to FIX the window problem you have instead of putting a band-aid on it?

Finding replacement windows in Wooster Ohio does not have to be an alarming prospect. You can get a great deal on windows, without going to a “discount” conglomerate that will sell you cheap and sub-par windows, and get them installed professionally with care and precision by Miller Custom Exteriors.

Miller Custom Exteriors has been in business for decades, and still holds true to the values of Jacob Miller Jr. We value our customer relationships and aim to make each customer a customer for life with our service, attitudes and guarantees. We have researched and tested many windows out there on the market, and will only sell you a window that we feel is tried, true and tested and that meets and exceeds all of our standards from craftsmanship, durability and design.

So what does that all mean to you, the homeowner? It means free, custom estimates with a friendly, knowledgeable sales representative who will not pressure you to buy with cheap gimmicks. It means offering you replacement windows in Wooster Ohio that will not leak, conduct heat and cold, mist or condense or fail you in any way. It means offering custom stains for the interiors of your windows to match your home, and many different designs for the exterior of your home to create that perfect look that you want on your house.

It means offering your beautifully crafted window trim in exciting colors with material that will not fade, rust or dent. It also means that we hire the BEST installers in the area, who will treat your installation as if it were their own, who will treat your home and work area with respect, who will clean up after themselves, protect your carpet and be mindful of your property. Our installers are professional, uniformed men that we are proud to send to your home.

It also means answering your questions completely and competently when you ask them. We can explain the definitions to you in a way that you can understand them so that YOU are informed about the purchase you are making for your home and the benefits of your decision. We won’t talk over your head with lots of “window jargon” that you may not understand, we will take the time to explain it to you so you are fully informed.

Miller Custom Exteriors is here to make your search for replacement windows in Wooster Ohio a painless and even fun experience. Know you are getting the best when you come to Miler Custom Exteriors and rest easy in your draft-free and cozy home this winter.