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What are Storm Doors & Do I Need One?

If you’ve ever spoken with Cleveland door companies, you’ve likely heard the topic of storm doors come up. While you might not think that you need an extra installation to go in front of your entry door, a storm door can be highly beneficial for your home.

As the Cleveland door replacement team at Miller Custom Exteriors explains, storm doors are designed to protect your entry door from the elements while also improving your home’s energy efficiency. Most storm doors are constructed using aluminum or other sturdy materials to offer protection against heavy snow, wind, and rain. Essentially, a storm door enhances the physical separation between the inside of your home and the outdoor environment.

Many homes can benefit from the addition of a storm door, especially homes with entry doors that aren’t protected by a porch or overhang. Entry doors made from wood or other vulnerable materials can be damaged by harsh weather, making a storm door an ideal investment for keeping your home in good shape. Older homes that lack features such as thermal glass and modern sealants can also significantly reduce heat loss with the help of a storm door.

In storm-prone areas, almost every home could benefit from a storm door. With the help of our Cleveland door replacement team, your new storm door will offer an airtight seal against the outside world.