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What Can You Expect From a Professional Roof Installation?

Metal roofs have some incredible advantages over traditional asphalt shingles—homeowners experience improved fire resistance, increased energy efficiency, and performance that can last more than 50 years. However, in order to get all of these great benefits, the roof must be properly installed. At Miller Custom Exteriors, a premier exterior remodeling and metal roofing contractor in Ohio, we have you “covered” for all of your roof installations. Below are a few helpful tips to consider when selecting a professional metal roofing contractor.

If you live in Northeast Ohio you know the weather is harsh throughout the winter, and metal roofs are designed to withstand the snow, ice, rain, and wind. A metal roof that has been properly installed will be able to withstand all of these harsh elements with minimal wear and tear. Some customers often worry that metal roofs will be noisy throughout a storm or attract lightning, but professional installers ensure that neither of these myths are true.

Part of the reason that metal roofs stand up better to harsh weather conditions is due to fasteners, which allow metal roofs to expand and contract under different conditions. Improper fasteners, or the installation of large panels (that don’t have room to expand and contract) can lead to serious problems like leaks or damage. Metal roofing also can lead to long-term cost savings over asphalt roofs, as another benefit. Asphalt roofs often require individual shingle replacement, patching, and even more expensive fixes after a storm, but your metal roof will be able to handle it all.

The best way to get the most out of your metal roof investment is to tear out all asphalt shingles and completely prep your home (which includes properly applied underlayment) for a brand new metal roof. Any professional roofing contractor would suggest this as opposed to laying a new roof over old shingles. And professionals take care of the clean up that comes along with ripping out old asphalt shingles. Removal of an asphalt roof also produces a lot of waste that can be dangerous to animals or children in the area.

Miller’s home exterior professionals will ensure that all waste is properly disposed of and contained as much as possible to keep your home safe and intact while we are working. We also strive to make sure that you are aware of what’s going on and satisfied with the progress during the prep and waste removal process. Once your old roof has been completely removed, your home will be ready to support a shiny new metal roof that has the durability to withstand strong storms and severe weather with minimal wear and tear.

So for your next roof, contact Miller Custom Exteriors, the professional metal roofing experts near Cleveland, Ohio.