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What Does It Mean to Have a Full Replacement Window Project?

While many people who need replacement windows only need new glass sashes inserted into their pre-existing window frame, this isn’t always the case. But when you have problems with your window trim or sills, who can you turn to? If you are in need of a full window replacement, the Cleveland window replacement team at Miller Custom Exteriors can provide the expert assistance you need wherever you are in Ohio. And if you live in Ohio, then you need your windows to work when the weather isn’t the best.

Miller Custom Exteriors, a professional exterior remodeling company based in Fredericksburg, specializes in what is known as a rough opening replacement, or full replacement project. This process is required when you need more than just new windows, but also when the trim surrounding your current windows is old and damaged. You can also simply wish to update the style of your window frames to better match your new windows.

Our Tuscarawas window replacement team at Miller Custom Exteriors does not cut corners when it come to a full window replacement. In addition to installing new, modern windows, we also will remove the window trim from the opening and then inspect the area for mold, leaks, or other maintenance issues. We will perform any repair work if needed, and add insulation to help create a tight seal for when the trim is installed. This process prevents future air or moisture leaks which may have developed in the past. This repair work also helps secure your windows and “button up” your home, thereby reducing energy costs due to air leaking in or out of your home.

In addition to the trim installation and repair work, our team can also replace or even add window sills for an addition to your home’s aesthetics. This additional element of a full replacement window project ensures that your new windows have the right style and function for your home. We have performed window replacement work throughout the Cleveland area and we understand the stress involved in fixing any portion of your home. That’s why our window installers all have completed their Installation Masters training, the most rigorous window training in the industry.

Therefore, by working with our specialized window team at Miller, you can have peace of mind knowing that your new windows will look great for years to come. By investing in a full window replacement, you can reduce home energy loss, secure your home against the elements, and provide a much-needed update to your home! Contact Miller Custom Exteriors, a team of professional and local window installers, to learn more regarding how we can help make sure your decision to go with a full window replacement was the right one!