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What Makes Our Gutters Better?

Having the right gutters can make all the difference for your home by reducing the risk of water-related damage. So what is it that makes Miller Custom Exteriors stand out from other Cleveland gutter companies?

First is the use of a seamless design. By utilizing seamless technology, our gutters are custom fitted to the sides of your home. Because they don’t have seams like standard sectional gutters, they are less likely to leak and corrode. This makes them highly durable, ensuring increased resistance to hail, falling branches, and other common outdoor hazards. The use of extra long screws also keeps these gutters firmly attached to the side of your home.

Another advantage we have over other Cleveland gutter companies is that our gutters are 33% larger than standard gutters. This ensures that water will drain quickly, significantly reducing the risk of clogs and water overflows, which can damage your roof and foundation. We even offer downspout extensions to ensure water is carried far away from your foundation.

If you need a gutter installation in Cleveland, these potential benefits should be among your top considerations. By installing a durable, quick-draining seamless gutter system, you’ll reduce your maintenance needs and have peace of mind knowing that your home is safe from water damage