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Why Perfection Is A Myth In Home Improvement

How we completely screwed up a roof and ended up with a very happy homeowner

We admit it. We messed up. Big time. This is peak season for home improvements and we are just swamped.  Jobs take longer than we thought they should, the weather delays us and we try to find ways to catch up. Like using a different crew than we normally do to install a roof for us. Cut to the end of the job.  The crew didn’t clean up like we expect and when the homeowner had to do some clean up, he discovered some problems with the roof. We went out to investigate and found BIG problems with the roof, such that whole sections of the roof had to be torn off and redone. So our workers (NOT the crew we originally got to do it. The homeowner refused to let them on his property and we told them we would no longer be using their services) went out and redid the roof.  It took them three days—the same amount of time that it took the first crew to do it wrong. 

When our guys were done, the homeowner texted our production director “Crew just left. What a difference! (our guys) are welcome at my house anytime. Their attention to detail and craftsmanship is outstanding.  This is what I expected. Very happy.”

Needless to say we didn’t make any money on this job, but we did it right and took care of the customer—the second time.  This customer plans to have us do more work for him in the future and we hope he will spread good things about us to people he knows.  Most important, we did the right thing and fixed our mistake.  This is why our motto is “We do it right or we do it over”.  We were raised to be honest, thorough, precise and respectful when we work on your home.