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Will a Metal Roof Work for Your Home?

Metal roofs are increasingly popular these days, and you may be wondering whether a metal roof would be a good fit for your home. As metal roofing contractors know quite well, a metal roof can be a great long-term investment, especially if the following criteria apply to your home:


1.You Plan on Living in Your Home for Some Time - If you plan on living in your home for a long time (12 years or more), a metal roof is probably right for you. The long lifespan of a metal roof means you’ll only need to pay for one roof installation, rather than replace your asphalt shingles multiple times while living in the same house.


2.You Live in an Area With Severe Weather - Metal roofs are also ideal if you live in an area prone to high winds, thunderstorms, and other severe weather—like Ohio. Metal roofing is extremely durable and much more weather-resistant, offering valuable protection to your home.


3.You Have an Older Home - As metal roofing contractors know, a metal roof can be extremely beneficial for older homes. This is because the low weight of metal roofing materials puts less pressure on the building, allowing it to maintain its structural security as it ages.


4.You Have a Large Roof - Most roofing materials can streak or stain as they age, which can be a major eyesore for homes with a large roof. Metal roofing maintains its fresh appearance over time, keeping your home looking great and reducing your cleaning and maintenance responsibilities.