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Windows: What is Rough Opening Replacement?

You know installing new window panes can improve your energy efficiency, but what if your window trim is old, damaged, or simply the wrong style? If you also need to install new window trim, it’s important that you find a team that knows how to handle a rough opening replacement.

As the local window installers at Miller Custom Exteriors explain, there aren’t many teams qualified to perform a rough opening replacement. While a conventional window replacement only involves inserting a new window into the current frame, a rough opening replacement goes much further. During this process, both the old windows and the trim are removed from the window opening area. This “rough opening” area is then inspected for leaks, mold, condensation, or other problems.

Once any maintenance issues have been resolved, your local window installers will then insert new trim, as well as insulation to fill the gaps between the window frame and the walls of the home. This ensures that your Ohio replacement windows will have a tight seal in place to prevent air leaks.

While rough opening replacements require a bit more time than a conventional window replacement, the end result is well worth the investment. With updated trim that perfectly matches your new windows, your home will look better than ever.