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Custom Built Sunrooms and Porch Enclosures

Add living space to your home, built to your exact style and specifications.

Let our experienced, meticulous craftsmen create your custom room.

If you've been dreaming about adding on to your home, don't settle for a manufactured patio room.  Over the years,Miller Custom Exteriors has installed both those and custom built rooms in Northeast Ohio and have found the results and value to our customers are far exceeded by a custom built room.There are several reasons why.

Quality construction

Our sunroom crew leader is a finish carpenter, with over 30 years' construction experience.  Anything you can envision, he and Ed Miller, our production director, can create. Wood ceilings, beams, trapezoid windows and stone accents are all elements we've built into room additions we've done recently.While some of these things can be added to a manufactured room, the upcharge can really drive up the cost on that type of room.  We build a custom room from the ground up, at your home. 

Value for your money

A custom built room does cost more than a manufactured room--at least when Miller Custom Exteriors installs it.  When you compare other, larger, patio room companies' prices for prefab rooms, you will probably find that even their basic, no frills room will cost you more than our custom built one. In addition, the basic room is probably only usable in warmer weather (called a three season room) whereas a custom built room can be just as weather tight as the rest of your home. Manufactured rooms also only come in a few basic colors such as white, beige or tan. When the project is finished, most of our customers are very pleased at the value they receive for the money spent on a custom sun room addition.

Resale value

According to a research done at the University of Notre Dame, prefab sunrooms do not increase a home's resale value significantly and often times are one of the first things a new homeowner will remove from the home. If resale value is the top priority when you are have a room installed, a manufactured room may not be the best choice. A custom room edition adds to your home's square footage and increases your homes value.

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